E-Book Part 3: Setting Goals for Your Affiliate Program

This is the third post in a series based on an ebook we co-authored with AP and Alison Chew. For early access to the rest of the book, click here.  

The best practice for influencer marketing is to have one primary goal. Too
many goals can quickly get messy. With influencer marketing, the most
important factor in achieving your goals is alignment with the influencer.
So make sure your goal is clear to the influencer and you are both
communicating the same message.

To do this, first ask yourself, “is what I’m asking them to do aligned with
what I’m offering?” For instance, if you’re working with Kim Kardashian
and you are asking her to do a ten-minute YouTube video, she won’t do it
for a free product sample. You’ll have to agree to pay her a lot of money,
probably in the millions of dollars. This applies to every influencer. If
what you’re asking takes a lot of time and effort, the pay needs to align.

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