E-book Part-5: Arming Your Influencers

This is the fourth post in a series based on an ebook we co-authored with AP and Alison Chew. For early access to the rest of the book, click here.

Think about how you’re currently arming your influencers. You need to help them help you reach your goals, so what are you giving them to succeed? You can’t just give them a pair of shoes and then assume they know all about your brand.

The key is to provide them with exclusive information no one else has. Sometimes that’s enough. They’ll work with you because it’s special – something for their followers only.

A lot of influencers love to host giveaways so sponsor that. Help them deepen their connection to their audience and your brand and they’ll help you succeed.

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Give them insider information, bring them into your office, or treat them to lunch and a tour. They’ll get a great brand experience and have something special to talk about.

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