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We designed our product for the needs of the best digital partnership marketers in the world. They tested it. Then we automated all their scenarios. When you use our platform, you get the combined knowledge of the top thought leaders in the industry.

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Bob Glazer

Author of "Performance Partnerships"

The affiliate industry needs more automation and more sophisticated tools... One company that has taken an early lead in this space is Mediarails.

Wade Tonkin

Affiliate Manager

I showed this to my affiliate manager over here and his jaw dropped

Christine Saunders

Simms Fishing

If you’re looking to scale past a dozen or so placements - or if you want to track performance in addition to the standard likes and mentions - Mediarails is it.

Giana Moon

Affiliate Program Manager

It used to take us weeks to plan a campaign. Now we can do it in a week and we get 10x more placements.

Euniece Santiago

Affiliate Marketing Senior Associate

I am so excited to have access to the MediaRails platform. It's going to be a HUGE help in recruitment. Thanks!