How to Become a Successful Affiliate Manager

With affiliate marketing gaining more popularity by the minute, the digital industry requires the help of affiliate managers. Find out exactly what these professionals do and how to become an expert in affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Managers play a key role in running successful affiliate campaigns. Like many marketing managers, they manage various aspects of a brand’s promotional campaigns. They act as mediators in the two-way conversation between brands and publishers, track and analyze campaign effectiveness and help resolve any issues that come up during a campaign. When the campaign is over, affiliate managers analyze its results, such as reach, influence and ROI in the shape of sales from affiliate links.

What Do Affiliate Managers Do?

Affiliate managers wear lots of hats depending on the needs of the brand or even a specific campaign.

In a nutshell, this is what affiliate managers do:

  • Affiliate Recruitment – finding and recruiting publishers for campaigns.
  • Affiliate Activation – communicating goals and passing on creative materials to the publishers.
  • Compliance Policing – making sure that affiliates comply with your Terms of Service.
  • Communication – acting as a communication channel between publishers and the brand.
  • Optimization – tracking, analyzing and improving the affiliate program as it continues to grow.

The main takeaway is that affiliate managers are also relationship managers who wear lots of administrative and creative hats. These five pillars of affiliate program management were originally written by affiliate marketing expert Geno Prusskov. Check out his blog post on the core responsibilities of an affiliate program manager for more affiliate program management tips.

affiliate managers job descriptionHow Can They Get Better?

If you are ambitious and want to be a better affiliate manger, Mediarails experts have a few suggestions for for you:

  1. Think fast. If you are responsible for communicating with hundreds of affiliates, you need to be able to meet their demands and discuss your own in a timely manner.
  2. Motivate your affiliates and provide them with more than enough materials for a campaign. Giving them the freedom to be creative is the best thing you can do to get the most authentic referrals to your brand.
  3. Monitor your competitors. Find out if they are doing something out of the ordinary and adapt it to your brand’s goals. Even if they aren’t that creative, it’s good to be aware of their campaigns, too.
  4. Read industry news and learn new practices available to the world of affiliate marketing.