5 Tips to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Fails

Why do your affiliate marketing campaigns fail? Why was your ROI so low? What could you have done differently? Find out why brands fail at affiliate and influencer marketing, and what they can do to avoid it.

1. Choosing the wrong niche

Just like in any outreach campaign, you want to make sure to target the right audience. Affiliate publishers and influencers often write about a specific niche: tech, fashion, health, beauty, electronics, etc. If you are managing affiliate placements for a makeup company, you probably wouldn’t want to target readers interested in weightlifting. Not only would it be a waste of time and resources, but also a put-off for potential publishers in your niche.

2. Low Budget

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a large marketing budget sets a campaign up for success. Every budget, big and small, must account for the following things:

  • Network fees
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Affiliate placement fees
  • Creative work
  • Copywriting work
  • And more…

If an affiliate doesn’t collect enough impressions/clicks/conversions, you brand may face a high cost per action. Consider using PPC campaigns for lower budgets and sponsored posts with many micro influencers when you don’t have the budget to target a superinfluencer.

3. Choosing the wrong network(s)

It makes sense to assume you can find all the affiliates on one Affiliate Network. Not only can this save you tons of time searching for the “right” affiliates, but you also wouldn’t have to pay fees for registering on multiple networks. As nice as that sounds, it’s simply not the case. Not every affiliate is registered on every network, and not every network supports the same services. So the reality is, you have to make sure to check at least a couple of networks to find relevant partners.

4. Not using all tools at your disposal

Launching and analyzing your affiliate campaigns can be the most time-consuming, daunting task an affiliate manager has to endure. You have to reach out to thousands of potential publishers, track your recruitment progress, manage and track your campaigns and analyze their effectiveness. Spreadsheets are messy and can be lost, so selecting all-in-one tools like Mediarails can make your life significantly easier.

5. Lack of communication

We continue to preach the importance of clear communication between brands and publishers. While a big budget sets you up for success, communication about expectations, progress and results is what actually brings success to your campaigns. Make sure to reach out to your publishers early, set clear requirements and conditions, and acknowledge their work when the campaign ends. This can help secure a strong, profitable relationship for both of you.