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Grow your partner revenue

Mediarails is a CRM and Growth platform that lets you find new digital media partners, engage existing ones, and track it all automatically.

Whether you’re running an affiliate program or influencer campaigns, we automate all of your tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters most – building new partner relationships, deepening existing ones, and growing your revenue.

Works out of the box. Day 1

We’ve all bought marketing tech that was too hard to use and sat on the shelf. We teamed up with industry leaders to build a product to address your specific scenarios. And then made sure it required no IT and no external integrations, so it would start delivering value on Day 1.

  • Discover new affiliates by category, competitor, and more
  • Send 1:1 messages at scale and automate follow ups
  • Always know who to contact and what to say
  • Instantly see the impact of your recruiting activity
  • Integrated with every major affiliate network out of the box
  • All your data, contacts, and communications in one place
Wade Tonkin


I showed this to my affiliate manager over here and his jaw dropped

  • Discover influencers across blogs and social media
  • Send 1:1 messages at scale and automate follow ups
  • Segment by audience, engagement, and more
  • Run more targeted and frequent campaigns
  • Automatically track every placement
  • See financial performance and social engagement scores
Christine Saunders

Simms Fishing

If you’re looking to scale past a dozen or so placements - or want to track performance vs. standard likes and mentions - Mediarails is it

  • Discover paid placement opportunities
  • Reach out, negotiate, automatically track it all
  • Collaborate with your team using tasks and mentions
  • Store all of your rate cards and IOs in one place
  • Automatically track every placement
  • Easily track placement performance and lift
Giana Moon

Light in the Box

It used to take us weeks to plan a campaign. Now we can do it in a week and we get 10x more placements.

How do you manage your partners today?

No effective sales department would ever function without a CRM system in place. No marketing team should either.

Meet our customers

At Mediarails, we’ve created a solution used by the most specialized marketing teams at some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

What’s more, the top agencies and industry thought leaders have standardized their businesses on Mediarails – including the ones who wrote the books on Affiliate Marketing and Performance Partnerships.

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