Influencer Marketing Platform

Mediarails is the one platform to find, recruit, engage, and measure social media influencers across all your programs.

Find influencers

Tired of using Google and spreadsheets to find and recruit influencers?

  • Social discovery
  • Competitive discovery
  • Contact enhancement
  • iOS and Chrome app

Say who. We’ll find them for you.

We find the right prospects, filter out the broken  URLs, then enhance the records with contact info, audience, social profile, and more. 

Wether you want to know who’s driving traffic for your competitors, talking about topics social media, working as one of Amazon’s associates, or simply want prolific content creators – we put discovery on autopilot for you.

  • Auto-Segmentation
  • 1:1 messaging at scale
  • "Tinder" review mode
  • Visual stage tracking

Send personal messages at scale

Quickly create segments based on size, quality, geography, social audience or any of dozens of other data points. Then visually review your new prospects.

Once you’ve decided whom to contact,  send hundreds or thousands of highly personalized 1:1 messages with a click- and we’ll automatically track all of your outreach.

  • Automated email workflows
  • Automated stage tracking
  • Automated email tracking
  • Automated v-lookups

Get superpowers with automation

Our platform automates all of your tedious tasks – so you can focus on doing more of the work that matters.

With automated email workflows, simply set up your outbound rules, and then spend your time dealing replies from interested partners.

Manage Influencers

Get more from your existing relationships

  • Contact management
  • Communications tracking
  • 360 publisher view
  • Team collaboration

Put everything in one place

Everything you’d expect from a best-in-class CRM including contact management, communications tracking, team collaboration, and storage.

So whether it’s your affiliate and influencer teams working together, or you’re storing notes and documents – Mediarails brings it all together in one place.

  • Automatic insights
  • Smart statuses
  • Event triggers
  • Custom tags

Always be top of mind

Mediarails automatically segments publishers who are new, active, productive, or even slipping away – and allows you to tag by interest or event.

So instead of sending a broad newsletter that’s most likely ignored, you can always send the right messages and offers at the right time to get your publishers’ interest and attention.

  • SPAM Flag
  • Adult Content Flag
  • Suspicious Site Flag
  • BOT Traffic Alerts

Protect your brand (and your revenue)

Want to scale your program, but concerned the quality will dip?

Mediarails was designed with smart alerts to automatically detect quality issues or potential fraud. So you can scale without getting scammed or sacrificing on quality.

Measure influencers performance

Influencer campaigns and program performance

  • Placement Detection
  • Automated Rollups
  • Social KPIs
  • Revenue KPIs

Execute with confidence (track it automatically)

Influencer marketing campaigns are operationally complex and time-consuming. Mediarails simplifies the end to end process by making it easier to reach our the right influencers, track status, auto-discover their placements, aggregate the creative, and roll up all KPIs.

You choose the goals for the campaigns and whether it’s sales or engagement – Mediarails can automatically aggregate them for you.

  • Lift analysis
  • Activity tracking
  • Lead source comparison
  • Comprehensive filters

Take a victory lap for your success

Want to share the results of your recruiting? Why spend hours compiling when Mediarails does it for you – out of the box, automatically.

The recruiting dashboard tracks all your activity and impact, and even gives insights like which lead sources are performing the best, or which team members are driving the most conversions.

  • Traffic quality
  • Revenues tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • ROI KPIs

Performance at its core

Whether you’re tracking your influencer performance through an affiliate network or with your analytics platform Mediarails can integrate and track the bottom of the funnel KPIs.

Track clicks, behavior, orders, revenues, commissions, flat fees, and more.

  • Audience
  • Engagement
  • Top social networks
  • Creative

Social Engagement Metrics

Tired of having to track down and look up every placement? Mediarails does that for you.

Get audience and engagement numbers for the campaign or dig through the details at the placement level.

Team collaboration

Break down your team silos

  • Team relationships
  • Publisher history
  • Assigned to lists
  • Notes & custom tags

One list to rule them all.

Ever had another team ask whether you were working with a publisher? Or accidentally reach out to the same publisher twice? Not with everyone working off one list.

Mediarails lets you automatically see every email interaction as well as which teams have relationships with publishers – whether affiliate, influencer, or media planning.


  • Contact Management
  • Notes & Documents
  • Comments & Tasks
  • Assign & @Mention

Sharing is caring.

Mediarails makes collaboration easy.

Comments and mentions let you send email alerts to teammates. Update and share contacts, add documents to records, bcc your account to add emails and contacts. And your team can see it all.

  • Due date
  • Completed date
  • Record deep links
  • Assignee & type

Don’t let things fall through the cracks.

Ever wonder whether your teammate followed up like you asked? Or want context on what you should do next? Never wonder again.

Team tasks let you see everything that needs to happen, the status, the urgency, and additional details so nothing ever falls through the cracks.