E-book Part-6: Content Creation

This is the sixth post in a series based on an ebook we co-authored with AP and Alison Chew. For early access to the rest of the book, click here. 

Last but certainly not least: content creation. What are you going to ask your influencers to do for you? Is it a couple of Instagram posts with photos? If so, they might need to go out and work with a professional photographer and set up that photo shoot. Maybe it’s a long form blog post that will take them several hours. Or it could be that it’s a two-minute YouTube video, or an unboxing or review. When you think about what you want them to create, make sure you also think about how much time and effort it’s going to take them to actually create this content.

Tech Source: Behind The Scenes | Gear Tour – VLOG #5

Oftentimes we underestimate the work that goes into quality content. We may think ‘It’s a two minute YouTube video. So it took them, what? Maybe five minutes to put together?’ Not a chance. The reality is that a two-minute Youtube video or even reasonably high-quality could easily take ten hours to put together. Make sure you think about those things before you think about your campaign and what you’re planning to offer your influencers.

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