We make your marketer life a bit lot easier

Let us help you with ops so you can focus on growth – a.k.a the fun stuff!

Data made easy

Data from your channels is all over the place.  We tidy things up for you.  We pull it together, clean it up, and organize it.   We do the ugly work, so you don’t have to.

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1st and 3rd party

We don’t just take your data and clean it up.  We have access to other data sources that might be relevant for you, so we can augment what you have, and get to more interesting conclusions.

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Insights at your service

Get insights on your channels and publishers.  We give you lots of unique looks on your data.  Not just pretty charts.  Cohorts – check, ROAS – check, lots more? – check.

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Campaigns & Opportunities

What good is the data if it’s not actionable?  You want to drive growth.  We provide you with the tools to plan, review, and analyze all your growth opportunities.

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We know that your business is unique.   Our platform can be bent in all sort of interesting ways to fit your need.  Whether you need new custom data sources or new properties for tracking opportunities we can most likely help out.

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We are dedicated

We are here to help.  Phone, email, in person.  If you need us, we’ll be there.  We can wait for you to ask or we can be much more proactive on keeping your things organized.

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Aggregate and Segment

Aggregate data from all your networks and review it through many lenses.

Campaigns and Opportunities

Easily recruit or optimize using our campaign manager. Slice your data about publishers performance to match your goals.

XLSX and PPT friendly

Every chart and insights can be exported to Excel and/or Powerpoint.

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What Others Say About Us

Everyday more people join the ultimate experience.

  • With 100+ programs globally MediaRails is a game-changer. We don't spend time pulling report, but focusing on optimizing our publishers' performance.

    Max C
    Max CLIT
  • MediaRails makes it much easier to drive recruitment across all our clients. Each client has unique needs and MediaRails makes it easy to drive all the key activities

  • The combination of analytics and productivity functionalities has been very valuable for our marketing team.  We find we can more time growing than operating.

    Ryan P
    Ryan PRivet & Cuff
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Partners we work with

We work with most of the affiliate network globally.  If you have specific request or requirements we are ready to help.

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From the learning corner

Get your affiliate program on the fast track.

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